WeeCycle Consignment

Northeast Georgia's #1 Children's Consignment Event


Who can become a consignor?

Anyone can consign children’s or maternity items with WeeCycle Consignment. Just go to the link on the top of the HOME page and click on register to consign and it will redirect you to register with creating an account. In order to attend the pre sale, you must consign at least 25 items.


What percentage of my sales do I receive?

Consigners receive 70% of their sales less a $9 sellers fee which will be deducted from your earnings. Want to earn 75% of your sales? Please visit our volunteer page for more details.

Do I have to work a shift if I am a seller?

No. Sellers are not required to work a volunteer shift, but doing so will result in higher profits since sellers who volunteer have the potential to make up to 80% and have their consignor registration fee waived.
Do I have to consign in order to volunteer?
No. Anyone can volunteer (moms, grandparents, dads). You are then qualified to shop early without having to consign. 
Can I bring a guest to the pre sale?
YES, tickets for the pre sale will be distributed at check in. You will receive 4 additional pre sale tickets for your family/friends. Family/Friends get to enter the pre sale one hour after sellers. We do suggest that you put your name on the back of each pre sale ticket and have your family/friends drop them in the ticket bowl when they enter the sale and we will do a drawing at the end of the sale. The ticket/seller that wins will receive a gift card from WeeCycle Consignment with their check at the end of the sale!!! 
How much work is it to prepare items for sale? 
Proper preparation of items does take time, but it will assure the best results in sales and, therefore, money in your pocket! Our barcode system makes entering and printing price tags a breeze! We encourage sellers to begin preparing early, doing a little each day.  It is not unheard of to make over $500 at our sale, so your hard work can really PAY off! (Please check out our sellers tab for more information on tagging your items).  You can also take advantage of our TAGGING SERVICE. 
Wouldn’t I make more money if I held my own garage sale or sold my items on eBay? 
The benefit of selling at WeeCycle Consignment is that we will bring in hundreds of shoppers who are specifically looking for baby, children’s and maternity items. You don’t have to advertise, haggle over price, have strangers at your home, and you are able to remain anonymous. Plus, you’ll earn a lot more money than your average yard sale and not have to pay expensive shipping charges & fees that eBay charges. Most shoppers understand that the quaility of our sellers items are of high quaility and expect to pay more than they would at a garage sale. 
How to price my items?
YOU set your price and YOU decide if your items are discounted on 1/2 price day. We suggest 20-35% of the retail price; however, outdoor play equipment, strollers/double stollers and other larger items can sell for higher. Prices will vary depending on the condition and demand for the item. Checking out Amazon for your bigger items, might be a good idea to give you an idea of price. 
Where can I find hangers?
Hangers are availible at several different places; however, there is a Value Village in the Big Lots Shopping Plaze off of Hwy. 20 in Buford and they sell 20 hangers for 50 cents. Drycleaners also may give you free hangers if you have a good relationship with them. 
What should I expect when I drop off my items?
Please have your items sorted by gender and size when you come to drop off. When you arrive, leave your items in your vehicle and proceed to our sign in table. After filling out a short registration form, you will be directed to where to take your items for inspection. As items are inspected, YOU will place them on the appropriate shelves and racks. We inspect each item for stains, tears and rips. Please do not be offened if we return an item to you. We are only striving to sell items that you would want to buy for your children. 
How do I know what I’ve sold?
Because of our scanning system with MY CONSIGNMENT MANAGER, you can log into your consignor account each night of the sale to see what you’ve sold!  
 Can children attend the sales?
YES, your children may attend but they MUST be closely supervised and remain with you at all times. 
Will there be shopping baskets available?
Yes, we do supply laundry baskets for your shopping needs. However, these baskets are in high demand during our peak hours. We suggust bringing your own basket to the sale. 
Why should I promote WeeCycle Consignment Sale?
The more people who shop, the more items you will sell. Promote WeeCycle Consignment to your friends by facebook (you can easily copy our links from our page by cliking on share underneth any of our post), forwarding our emails out to your family and friends. We are always trying to think of new ways to advertise, so if you have an idea, we would LOVE to hear it!!! 
How can I promote my business at your sale?
Please see our Vendor Page for exciting options including advertising in our goody bags, as well as vendor booths that are offered at each sale.
Please fell free to contact us if you have any futher questions:weecyclesale@gmail.com