WeeCycle Consignment

Northeast Georgia's #1 Children's Consignment Event

Seller Instructions

Thank you for choosing to consign at WeeCycle
The My Consignment Manager System will close on the MONDAY prior to the sale start date at 10pm in order for us to prepare the system for the sale.
Consignor instructions:
LIMIT OF 250 ITEMS!  If you want to bring more than the 250, please let us know.  You are able to do so with an additional seller fee for each additional 250 items. 

Remember you will enter your items by clicking on REGISTER to consign login. Please remember to print off your tags using LIGHT colored CARDSTOCK and FULL black ink…DO NO PRINT IN DRAFT as our systems will not pick up the bar code!

  • All items must be freshly laundered/cleaned with NO STAINS or tears. We will hand back to you at check in any items that do not meet these requirements.
  • Toys requiring batteries should have batteries in them and be working! If your toy does not have working batteries, it will not be accepted at check in!
  • Clothes should be on hangers (we prefer metal/wire hangers but we WILL ACCEPT all hangers) with the point to the left making a question mark. Two piece outfits or outfits with accessories should be pinned together to prevent separation with the pants pinned to the outside back of shirt. Pants alone should be hung straight, pinned at each hip to the top of hanger. Please refer to the image below on how to hang your clothing correctly!!!
  • Small clothing items (onesies, socks, hair bows) should be grouped and placed in Ziploc bags. Absolutely NO STAPLES on the bags.
  • Shoes must be in excellent condition!
  • We will only accept 5 pairs of shoes per seller and we will only be able to accept shoes that show little to no wear! Shoes should have laces tied together, your seller number on a piece of masking tape inside each shoe and safety pinned (or Zip-Tied)together.
  • Place all loose pieces for toys in bags and tape securely to the item.
  • Games must include all pieces and boxes taped shut.
  • Wrap wooden puzzles with saran wrap and tape closed.
  • Big items: Highchairs, riding toys, toddler beds, changing tables, strollers, Pack N Plays, swings, ride-on toys, etc. Please include a picture of these “big” items, of what it looks like assembled. We will tape the picture onto the item, so that the buyers can see what it looks like put together. Please let us know if you will be selling any big items so we can be sure to leave ample space available for good visibility of your item.


Summer and Spring seasons clothing accepted at this sale!

Ballet, Karate, Baseball/Softball and School Uniforms, swim wear, etc..



  • Items in sizes 0-18 months are restricted to 30 items per size! (0-3month, 3-6months, 6-12month, 12-18month, 18-24month!)
  • Only Children’s bedding, crib bedding, and kid-related decor items will be allowed!
  • Maternity will be limited to 10 items per seller.
  • BOOKS…20 per seller!
  • Car seats can not be more than 4 years old!
  • We will reserve the right to turn away any item at check-in that we feel is out of style or season!
  • By law ONLY Cribs made AFTER July 2011 can be sold.

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Kids meal toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Car seats over 5 years old or with an expired expiration date(Date will be checked on back of seat!)
  • Re-called items (If you are not sure, please check the consumer websites)
  • VHS tapes and cassettes. We are still accepting DVD’s.
  • Vacation T-Shirts.


Print tags on card stock(NO BLUE CARDSTOCK, PLEASE! ) Be creative but stay with the same color. Safety pin (no straight pins) your items in the upper right hand corner of item (if looking at it). You may NOT use a tagging gun to tag your items, this puts holes in the clothing. Prices should be in 50 cent increments.

If you are new to WeeCycle and My Consignment Manager, simply click on “Register to Consign” and follow the prompts!

If you do not want the item sold for ½ price on the last day of the sale mark “N” (for No reduction) on your inventory list and it will show up on your tag. Anyone that has not followed tagging instructions will be asked to retag items before they can be displayed.

To select a drop off time, please click on “Register to Consign” at the top of the page. Login to your account and it will take you to your home page with my consignment manager. Look at the tabs on the top of the page, you will need to click on the tab “Check In.” Here it will give you the times that are available for check in/drop off. Also please be prepared to give yourself at least 30 minutes for drop off as we will need your help getting your items/clothing on the sale floor  

Please have clothing in gender and size order at drop-off.

Seller will receive 70% of your selling price, less a $9.00 administration fee that will be taken out of your check (for mailing labels, signs and additional advertising and facility rental). Please price to sell (20-30% of the original price is a good rule of thumb, depending on the condition).

We do our best to take care of your items but we cannot be responsible for things that are lost, stolen, damaged or miss-tagged.

When you drop off, please verify your mailing address and legal name.  This sale we will begin using an electronic payment system.  All payments will be mailed out to you 14 business days after the close of the sale.